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1.02.19 Last Updated: 8.23.19


It usually happens that the domain acquired for a project no longer reflects the identity of it, or has even been a bad choice.

To be honest, in recent times I have gone through many domain changes:
  • from to for my personal blog.
  • the division between to; the first for articles about Blogger (this site) and the second for personal posts.
  • from to (and from to again for my personal site) to (an I love this one!).

Chaos of changes, right? Along the way I have failed, I have learned and unlearned about the redirects in Blogger and the indexing in Google.

Previously I shared the Javascript method that I used when doing the first of the changes in domains and its implementation is quick and easy, as I explained in the following tutorial (only avalaible in Spanish): How to redirect between two domains

However, this is not the ideal solution because this not establish at the server level and for the bots the 301 redirect, necessary to pass the indexing that has been obtained with the previous domain.

If we execute a 301 redirect, eventually Google will recognize that the site has changed its address, possibly between 6 months and a year, as commented by analyst John Mueller during an English hangout in 2015, so it is advisable to maintain the old domain, minimum for 15 months.

In order to help Google to recognize the changes, I will tell you how to perform a 301 redirect between two domains.

301 redirect between 2 domains in Blogger

Creating redirects

As you have read in many articles, a 301 redirect runs on the server itself, by editing the .htaccess file per example, and in Blogger we do not have access to this.

However, Blogger offers us an option to create 301 redirects,generally used to redirect between links of the same blog.

The truth is that it is also possible to redirect a certain URL to an external domain, and this is what we will do, link by link, so that the redirect 301 is correctly established.

In Settings > Search Preferences > Errors and redirects click on the 'Edit' that is next to Custom Redirects and you will get:

create 301 redirect in Blogger
  • In the From field : paste the old url, starting from the slash that goes after the .com or the extension that you have chosen. For example, if you would go from to your new domain, what you would paste in the field would be /2017...
  • In the field To: paste COMPLETE link with your new domain starting with two slash. For example, the previous link we want to direct to so you would paste in the field //www.newdomain...
  • Click the checkbox next to Permanent.
  • And save.

Try your first redirect and you will see that it works perfectly. Do not forget to create one for your homepage, it would be like that for the first two fields:
  • /
  • //

It only remains to do it for each link that is indexed and/or shared.

You can see this working at my personal site, where I was writing about my blogging's experiences: Dismantling Myths about Blogger (in Spanish), that is redirected to this site, ANMATT Studio.

Notice: In Blogger's Content Policy, it is mentioned that creating blogs with the intention of redirecting traffic to a website or uploading it to search lists can be considered SPAM.

Hence, I recommend that Title, Description and template indicate about the change of domains of your property and also to create a post in the original blog talking about this change.

Do I need to do something else?

The short answer is "Yes". To use the old domain and redirect it to the new one that you have acquired (and previously changed in the panel of your blog), you need:

  1. Create a new blogspot, only to connect the old domain.
  2. Create a simple theme to explain the changes.
  3. Set up 301 redirects, like I explained, link by link.
  4. Use the tool Change of address on Search Console (old version).
  5. Change the url in Google Analytics to keep your statistics.

Unlike other methods, here the work can be tedious the bigger is the blog. And if you do not want to take risks in its implementation, with my technical service I can take care of this for you.

yo, cyball

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