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Surely you have read on several occasions those comparisons of why choose Wordpress over Blogger. I have read them myself, and I even fell into one of them, making me lose money and above all my time, a very valuable asset for a working mother.

Now I have made this comparison about two similar services in principle: vs

Why about them? Well, because for those who start in the world of blogging those are the best known options and it is always good to know that if you have to choose between one and another, what characteristics make the difference.

Personally I have tried many services, that is why today I want to talk about how Blogger exceeds by far the hosted version of Wordpress, which is actually far from its 'big brother', the .org version that can be installed on a server previously paid.

What Blogger and Wordpress have in common.

  • You need to register on the platform to be able to use it.
  • he simplicity to start a blog, with few steps you can launch it.
  • Free subdomains, for the first and for the second.
  • You can make backup copies of your contents.
  • They provide SSL certificate for subdomains and custom domains.
  • and... nothing more ...

The reasons why Blogger beats

1. Cost

While Wordpress is a freemium service (you start free but to unlock features you have to pay), Blogger is 100% free, there are no hidden fees, everything it offers is available to us at no additional cost.

2. Storage

Blogger allows you to upload content to your blog in an unlimited way, only you need to have some care with the size of the images and videos.

For example, the images are hosted in Google Drive, which offer 15GB of free storage, but if you configure it so that when upload the photos they are saved in 'High quality', with a maximum size of 16 megapixels, then these would not count for the storage fee.

For videos, it is always better to pre-host them on YouTube or Vimeo and then insert the iframe in Blogger. But if you want to host them on the platform directly, you can do it.

On the other hand, with the free version of Wordpress you only have 3GB of storage, relatively little and in this case the images size count. Do you need more space? Just pay it. And as for the videos, only in payment plans you can upload them directly to your site.

3. Custom domain

It is so easy to connect a custom domain in Blogger, your investment is limited to paying the domain provider for registration and annual renewal.

There is no additional to pay, unlike Wordpress, which by adding a previously acquired domain charges you $ 13.00 (without count the cost per the domain itself) per year to connect it with your site.

Or you can migrate the domain to WP, and if you do not have a payment plan, it charges you $ 8.00 per year to have your private Whois, something that some providers already offer free (like mine, or for a much cheaper rate.

4. Income

With Blogger it is YOUR DECISION to monetize or not your site, to choose how and where it is to be displayed and the benefits obtained are only yours.

With Wordpress in their free plan, they implement their own ads, of which you do not see a penny, because you should already thank them for allowing you to use their space, right? And if you want to remove it, because it is your site, you have to upgrade to a payment plan.

5. Custom design

In Blogger you can edit the native themes to make them more in line with your style, and if they are not to your liking, you can opt for themes pre-designed by third parties or to request custom design services like the one I offer.

Meanwhile, Wordpress offers you free or paid themes, with simple configuration but you can not upload your own themes. Customization is very limited, unless, again, you pay for that and the minimum plan is $ 96.00 per year.

6. Redirections

Sometimes in the emotion of writing you can make a mistake by not customizing the link of your post or your page, and to correct it without affecting your positioning or the social shares you have made, you will have to perform a redirect.

Blogger gives you this tool in its control panel, where you can do 301 or 302 in a few minutes, even redirect away from your site to another. And you can do it regardless of the structure of the 'final' url, for example redirect from /2015/02/old-post.html to /p/now-is-page.html.

With Wordpress, you do not even have the option to redirect post in your own domain. And if you are migrating to another service without having your own domain, surprise! another payment to be made, whether a premium plan or not, this time of $ 13.00 per year, and you can only create redirects to url of exact structure and without any change in the slug (even though you pay, they restrict you).

7. Thinking in the future

In Blogger your project will remain available as long as you comply with the Content Policy of the platform, which are of logical compliance, and your economic investment would be to maintain the custom domain over the years.

With this space I have been without problems for two years and in my personal blog I have been writing since 2012. Oloblogger, which is a recognized Latin blogger has been online since 2007 and his site is really huge.

With as you grow up you will have to pay, and you will reach a point where you will have to migrate. Maintaining a site like Oloblogger on this platform would cost at least $ 300.00 per year.

And they can also close your blog if you do not follow their policies (which are not as specific as in Blogger) even if you have made payments, which will not be refunded.

- - -

Although in both platforms you start for free, as I have shown you in this comparison that only in Blogger you have features that the other offers you through additional payments which together are higher than if you use their .org version.

Definitely, Blogger is a much more complete platform, and not only for fans who only seek to blog as a hobby, but also for professionals, as me, who want to share their knowledge and services.

yo, cyball

Published by Cyball Ruiz

Coder and creator of ANMATT Studio, where you can find resources and tips for your space in Blogger.


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