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Why I recommend Blogger
When in September 2012 I decided to create my first blog, in which I write my son, I googled the various options and decided on

It was and is one of the best decisions I have made in this online world, although I recognize that this platform and its users are continuously attacked to promote other similar services and even I followed these 'suggestions' to move out.

That is why today I want to share with you the 3 main reasons why I came back and still use Blogger, and I have even created my business focused on this CMS. as a platform has much to offer you

1. Hosting capacity is a free tool that gives us the following benefits in terms of storage:
  1. Zero expenses on web hosting and your content are still yours. simply keeps it online, but the rights remain yours and it is so simple to make backup copies of your articles, that with just one click you have them on your computer.
  2. Unlimited creation of pages and posts, with a friendly and intuitive editor from where you can integrate images, videos, maps, and documents
  3. And for the images you have UNLIMITED hosting on Google Drive if its size does not exceed 2048px high and/or wide, and honestly, who needs such a large image in a post?

And how I do not pay for time or storage capacity (or hosting) I can write as often as I want and even leave a project on standby for any reason, knowing that I will have no costs to keep it online, beyond the custom domain if you have.

2. Connectivity

Contrary to popular belief, Blogger allows us to connect many tools to further boost our blog.
  • Hangouts and Youtube to organize webinars or video courses, services that Google also offers us for free.
  • You can quickly install subscription forms and grow your business with Email Marketing, with services such as MailerLite.
  • Organize an online store on one or more of your pages, thanks to tools like Shopify Lite.
  • If teaching is your thing, you can offer private memberships and courses through, while in Blogger you offer your free content.

And there are probably more tools we can take advantage of, it's a matter of planning, researching and trying.

3. Tranquility

I love this point, we know very well that there are plenty of affiliates who predict the apocalyptic end of Blogger for years and it still doesn't happen, and I laugh at them buahahahaha.

Mocking on Blogger haters

As I have told in previous posts, I was out of Blogger for almost a year, and I felt very insecure. Hacks, failures in updates to the agenda that made me waste time-solving this and could not write as much as I wanted.

This was the main reason for my return, recovering the peace of mind that Blogger gives me. Of course, I cannot assure you that tomorrow or after Google does not decide to close this service as it did with Reader or Plus,but I am sure that I will have the time to organize because they have notified each time with time.

In the meantime, I enjoy a virtually unlimited and secure space with free SSL, which recently brought out updates in its code and soon more will come as sources of trust have told me and that also allows me to invest and connect other tools to grow my business. Total tranquility for a coder and enterpreneur mom

- - -

These are the main reasons why I continue to use, popularly known as Blogspot, and even more, I created this business where I offer services for users who want a striking and careful space in every aspect of their code.

Is Blogger a perfect platform? No, and none is. It is simply a free and versatile platform, which is unfairly attacked by unfamiliar and that is growing thanks to the community that its users are forming around it.

It is also true that, depending on your needs and plans, it may not be the platform for you. If you have doubts and questions you can always contact me and with objectivity, I will give you my advice, I am #bloggerlover but I love more being helpful to your growth.

yo, cyball

Published by Cyball Ruiz

Coder and creator of ANMATT Studio, where you can find resources and tips for your space in Blogger.


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